Bible Study/Little Rock Scripture

  • The Bible Study ministry at St. Albert the Great parish consists of several established small groups that are led by facilitators and meet weekly to study God’s Word in holy Scripture. The groups use Little Rock Scripture Study program as the main resource. Periodically throughout the year, the groups will also use other resources such as Dynamic Catholic or Father Barron for studies.
    Study groups generally run seasonally and will be open to new members as they have room. Most groups begin new studies in the fall and then again after Advent. Some studies are longer and may take the groups from fall until Lent to complete. If there is room in a group, it will be advertised in the bulletin with contact information for the facilitator.

    Currently, we have groups studying the following:

    • Acts of the Apostles
    • Psalms
    • The Gospel of John
    • Gospel of Matthew

    The church has a library of DVDs (please see the document below for topics) in the Little Rock Scripture series. If you are interested in finding out how you can get started in Bible Study at St. Albert the Great, or if you would like to start your own group, please contact: Char Nebozuk

    Large group studies happen twice a year.

    Char Nebozuk
    (440) 376-4082
    [email protected]